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Santiago, Chile, June, 24, 2011

The composer Luca Belcastro (Como, Italy) has accomplished from 2007 to the current date a vast and wide spread work: forming, creating, interpreting and also spreading the contemporary music to a larger audience all over Latin American. This has been carry out through working with hundreds of young composers and interpreters and collaborating with more than sixty institutions in ten different Latin-American countries.

Luca Belcastro did his studies in his native country Italy, reason why he is well known in the international circuit. After he obtained more than 50 international prizes, he arrived at Latin America where he has carried out, together with concerts, more than one hundred lectures and tutoring activities, like courses and seminaries, all of them have been given free of charge. Due to his vision, generosity, experience and capacity there is a generation of musicians that have been able to participate, develop and find new opportunities.

He knows, probably like nobody else in Latin American, the musical map, since he has travelled and worked with hundreds of musicians, professionals and students, in towns and cities where he has passed by. His unfailing will power and hard work has been always oriented to open new spaces for Latin American musicians, even postponing his own career as composer, always prioritizing the creation and performance of the Latin American repertoire instead of his own work.

We believe that perhaps there isn't another European or Latin American composer who, as Luca Belcastro, has been able to achieve such artistic and organizational platform as "Germina.Cciones... Primaveras Latinoamericanas" (Germina.Cciones... Latin American Springs), which involve in its activities, musicians and artists from different schools. Through "Germina.Cciones... Primaveras Latinoamericanas", Luca Belcastro, has contributed to the dialogue, interchange, education and broadcast of the Latino American music in collaboration with people and institutions within Latin American countries (Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Cuba, Guatemala, Ecuador, El Salvador, Perú, México and Uruguay)

"Germina.Cciones... Primaveras Latinoamericanas" have carried out several activities in the music field, like courses, seminars, conferences, workshops and concerts among many others. Many of them centered in contemporary composition and instrumental techniques and the interactions between them and other artistic expressions.

Luca Belcastro did not arrive at our continent in search of prestige, but to support and to contribute to create opportunities and work spaces for the younger generation. Therefore, he has won our respect and affection and we want to support him to obtain the financial support that will allow him to carry on working in Latin America. It is unbelievable that during four years in almost 40 composition courses, 60 seminaries and 39 concerts, he has been always financing his expenses, without getting any sort of paidment for his work. But we do not want just to remark his generosity but his integrating vision, his capacity of management and his excellence as a composer. All these qualities have affected, undoubtedly, the development and thought of those who are part of the current Latin American scene in contemporary music.

When we appreciate Luca Belcastro work, we are at the same time appreciating the work of hundreds of young Latino American musicians. Therefore, by supporting him we are supporting and promoting opportunities of development, education and participation in the music field and more specifically we are supporting the repertoire created in the continent. His work represents the music created, played and celebrated by our artists and also his work means that new opportunities have been created from which they can benefit.

Luca Belcastro, is an artist full of human kindness, warmness, humbleness, sealed by the virtues of the Italian people. Luca Belcastro speak out his thoughts and experience in the "Sacbeob, escritos latinoamericanos" ("Sacbeob, latin american writtings"), text in which shares his thoughts and explain his vision and experiences.

We are completely sure that Luca Belcastro has the stature of a great artist, because of the magnitude and importance of his work, which has been an important contribution to his peers, giving a great impulse to music in Latin America, through develop a large amount of activities in the music field. A good example are his composition courses which take their name from a native flowers that belong to the country where the events have taken place: "Ceibo" in Argentina, "Patujú" in Bolivia, "Copiu" in Chile, "Mariposa" in Cuba, "Xicamiti" in México, "Quina" in Ecuador, "Izquixúchitl" in Guatemala, "Kantuta" in Perú and "Jacarandá" in Chile and Argentina. Another example are the concerts in which the works created in the courses are shown as a premiere. And finally, are all the conferences, gatherings and exhibitions that he has organized and guided.

Milena Bahamonde Barros